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Happy New Year!

Greetings, and may your year ahead be healthy, joyous, and prosperous! I’ll blog late-winter to follow up on those potatoes (spoiler: they were tasty) and talk about my projects from the latter half of 2014. This season I am grateful for friends and family and work and health, and I hope all the same blessings and more for you, dear readers.

Sunrise light hits driftwood stump stuck in sandy Pacific Ocean beach in Ocean Shores, WA

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Sacrificial Alder

Chitted gold potatoes in an egg cartonThis weekend we dropped a few 15 year old Red alder trees to increase sunlight for our first ever potato patch.

Piles of fresh cut Red alder branches with tree stumps in backgroundFelling a tree is bittersweet. I love these alders: they were our first source of shade in a mostly barren yard, and they attract all kinds of little birds. I also love the light that grows vegetables, and I could see the difference in moonlight the night after these alders came down. Fortunately we have several more alders growing 50 feet away, and new saplings sprout in flower beds every year.

We will be using these alder branches for compost, and the trunks will edge garden beds and paths. May our golden, red, and purple potatoes be plentiful so that the alders do not fall without good purpose.
Angular slices of red alderwood arranged on a porch