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Update Your Links to Brainripples, Arboreality and AppleJade

Please update your links at Brainripples:

Thanks to the excellent support and documentation at WordPress.org, I’ve made some subtle but important changes to Brainripples. They may not seem like much to you, but I’m awfully proud of having figured out the nuances of keeping WordPress in its own directory while you, dear reader, see only www.brainripples.com.

All links which previously included ‘ /home/ ‘ are being corrected throughout the site.

I suppose if I was REALLY smart, there’d be some fancy redirect, and you’d never know the difference. Next time, perhaps.

Update your links for your favorite blog channels and RSS feeds as follows:

Forest | Arboreality

Blog: http://www.brainripples.com/category/forest/

RSS: http://www.brainripples.com/category/forest/feed/

Garden | AppleJade

Blog: http://www.brainripples.com/category/garden/

RSS: http://www.brainripples.com/category/garden/feed/

Studio | Brainripples

Blog: http://www.brainripples.com/category/studio/

RSS: http://www.brainripples.com/category/studio/feed/

All Blog Channels at Brainripples

Blog: http://www.brainripples.com/blog/

RSS: http://www.brainripples.com/feed/

Thank you, faithful readers!

Brainripples, Arboreality, and AppleJade

I first began blogging in 2005 with Arboreality – Tree Blogging, a blog about trees, forests, plants, wood, and other wild discoveries. Once I got the hang of blogging, I realized that I couldn’t just write about trees, and started the Brainripples blog to discuss writing, art, and creativity, and later, AppleJade where I could talk about gardening, cooking, sustainability, and spirit.

After much deliberation I’ve decided to unify my many blogs under the Brainripples umbrella. Once the Brainripples website completes its makeover, all my personal blogging will live here, where I hope my varied audiences will enjoy my combined interests. For those who prefer the original channels, I’ll keep blogging simply categorized by Studio (Brainripples), Forest (Arboreality), and Garden (AppleJade), the three places where I spend my days and create.