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Berry berry this and berry berry that

Late summer greetings! Here’s a peek at our harvest: modest, but delicious. The strawberry plants are 10+ years old, while the black raspberries and trailing blackberries are finally voluminous enough to create handfuls of fruit with plenty remaining for the busy birds. (Salmonberries and thimbleberries have a few years to go yet, but they are getting bigger.)

Berries of July

Oh, and remember that lingering compost pile? At long last I completed its relocation mid-April, providing me two clean slates for future veggie production. Here’s how the new beds looked in April; today they are filled with flowers, bees, and birds.

Clean Slate

In place of the compost now sits a big load of firewood logs, appropriated by chipmunks for their summer home. Cold weather work is not far ahead for us forest folk.

Firewood Logs

trees ripe with autumn

Get a healthy dose of tree-time with this month’s Festival of the Trees issue #65, now online at local ecologist courtesy of Dr. Georgia Silvera Seamans.

leafy rainbow


Behold, the colors of survival! This Japanese maple is making its best showing of fall colors in 10 years.

a small pirouette

This tree’s early life included the combined challenges of multiple transplantings, puppy root-chewing, a stint of neglect during the Pennsylvania years, and finally a major hack job following a strange infection. Much healthier now, this tree reveals this season’s wonderfully slow autumn in the Pacific Northwest.

there's no such thing as too much color