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New Moon Set

Moonset, Waxing in Leo, Copyright © 2010 Jade Leone Blackwater

Last night I watched the bright waxing moon set in the west, heralded by the first coyote calls that I’ve heard this season. In fact, yesterday morning on my way home I watched a coyote dash down through the trees to a riverbed off the highway. There’s busy work afoot in the coyote world!

The Nighthawks (Chordeiles minor) are out now, with their tell-tale “peent… peeent… peent… pee-yah… hhhhrrrrrrrllll!” The Common Nighthawks hunt at dusk, and you can watch them fluttering high in the sky while calling “peeent….peeent…peeent” in an even rhythm, followed by the whirring sound (which some describe as a “boom”) made by their wings as they dive in rapid pursuit of tasty mosquitoes, moths, and other insects. It’s a magical, almost indescribable sound, and one of my favorite indicators that summer is near in Kitsap.  Perhaps I’ll get hold of a digital audio recorder so I can share the sounds and silences.

Remember to step outside over the next few evenings to watch the waxing moon set as it chases the sun down.