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October already, and that means Halloween! Since my last project update we’ve launched Catch the Culture, an online resource featuring new stories about family-owned retail businesses in Seattle’s South Park neighborhood.

During my non-existent free time I’ve  kept busy with the usual combination of poetry, gardening, and exploring. You can read a couple of my latest poems in issue 3 of Line Zero.

In lieu of the blogging I wish I had time to do this season, I’ve prepared a few Halloween tricks and treats for a 10-day pumpkin countdown, starting Friday October 21st! Got something cool to share for Halloween? Post your favs in the comments.


PS – got a blog? love trees? Festival of the Trees  needs submissions and volunteers for upcoming editions!

Runaway Pumpkins

After growing pumpkins in Pennsylvania, things don’t feel quite like home without a big, sprawling, crazy pumpkin patch in the front yard.

These sugar pies are giving a much stronger showing this year (as are all the vegetables), and I hope to be making fresh pumpkin pies as early as October.

As of last week, the plants have cleared the fence. They use their tendrils to walk wherever they want. The faster they grow, the faster they grow.

Did you know that you can actually hear pumpkins laughing?

The ring of fence you see in the foreground is the perimeter for a new garden bed I’m working on. Dogs out, compost in. The pumpkins are eager pioneers.

Squash blossoms are stunning. They open with the rising sun. Got any yummy squash blossom recipes to share? Tell us in the comments.

For every pumpkin I find, there are probably three more I cannot see. Got a guess for how many pumpkins I’ll have by October 31st?

They’re heading for the forest now… In fact, I hear that pumpkins like to grow in trees.