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Berry berry this and berry berry that

Late summer greetings! Here’s a peek at our harvest: modest, but delicious. The strawberry plants are 10+ years old, while the black raspberries and trailing blackberries are finally voluminous enough to create handfuls of fruit with plenty remaining for the busy birds. (Salmonberries and thimbleberries have a few years to go yet, but they are getting bigger.)

Berries of July

Oh, and remember that lingering compost pile? At long last I completed its relocation mid-April, providing me two clean slates for future veggie production. Here’s how the new beds looked in April; today they are filled with flowers, bees, and birds.

Clean Slate

In place of the compost now sits a big load of firewood logs, appropriated by chipmunks for their summer home. Cold weather work is not far ahead for us forest folk.

Firewood Logs