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Christmas Not-a-Spruce Tree and Summer Solstice Foxglove

NOTICE: Correction to the true identity of this tree forthcoming!

This Christmas tree was planted about ten years ago, an evergreen (not  a spruce) tree Colorado Blue Spruce (Picea pungens) which surprised us in 2009 with flowers, and in 2010 with its first cones (which I’m pretty sure turn red-purple as they mature).

Like the native evergreens, this tree is slowly and steadily emerging from the protective understory of Red alders. I’ve seen this tree provide a home for spiders, caterpillars, tree frogs, and birds, but one never knows what’s hiding in this shady corner of the yard.

The adjacent foxglove (Digitalis) are coincidentally in their first year of flowering. These plants have been working up the gumption to blossom for at least four years, possibly longer, and shine in late sunlight with purple, pink, and white.

Now is the time for seeds to quietly form and ripen for the autumn.

You, friendly forest

For the Festival of the Trees 49, host Yvonne Osborne encourages us to muse upon our favorite tree. All month I’ve wondered how to pick a single favorite, and I finally decided to take a page from the books of VR Barkowski, and Tricia J. O’Brien, and simply share a selection of favorites.

These short haiku offer a small sliver of the many beloved trees from different places and times in my life. Because the list just keeps going, I’ve limited myself to 15 trees.

*     *     *

Sweet weeping Sorrow,

motherly watcher,

you, pseudotsuga.

*     *     *

Smooth trio of trunks

tandem of listeners

you, who know my name.

*     *     *

Island of escape,

shady corner grove,

you, the boundary.

*     *     *

Traveler’s jewel

draped over dream-pools

you, cherished respite.

*     *     *

Teacher of sacred

mountain whisperer

you, my rootedness.

*     *     *

Acer palmatum

tender reminder

you, lunch time rest stop.

*     *     *

Hall of hawthorn-blooms

pink-white promenade

you, daily-salute.

*     *     *

Forest of fresh starts

haven of misfits

you, lens of purpose.

*     *     *


cousin, wet mangrove,

you, marine forest.

*     *     *

Sweeping butternut

fuzzy sentinel

you, gentle juglans.

*     *     *

Winter amber blush

grey-skinned hardwood beech

you, friend of rivers.

*     *     *

Garden gate greeter

fruit percussionist

you, patient guava.

*     *     *

Applauding the breeze

hearty pioneer,

you, breath of balsam.

*     *     *

Christmas cone surprise

always enduring

you, noble fir blue.

*     *     *

Midnight moon shadow

bowing in darkness

you, shaggy hemlock.

*     *     *

Monday, June 28th is the final day to submit for Festival 49. Let your favorite trees inspire you, and join us for the Festival!