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Connect with writers in southeastern Pennsylvania

Pennwriters is a nonprofit writers’ organization based in Pennsylvania that helps writers at all levels. Jade served on the board in several capacities, but her favorite role was Area 6 Representative responsible for membership support and development in southeastern Pennsylvania. She worked one-on-one with writers in and around Philadelphia, organizing local critique groups, answering questions about the writing profession, and promoting local activities and resources. In 2008 Jade launched the Pennwriters Area 6 HQ, a blog that features interviews with local members, articles about writing, and announcements for writer events. In 2010 Jade handed off the Area 6 HQ blog to her successor Charli Mac, who continues to use this virtual hub to attract new members, and connect existing members and visiting writers with a variety of Pennwriters services.

Praise from the community

Great interview Jade and Nate. I’ve been procrastinating singing up for Nate’s course. Guess I need to get over there, now.” – Sue Lange, Author

Thanks for compiling a list of links with tips on pitching to agents. This is helpful since I’m a new writer and attend my first Writers Conference this Spring.” – Krichelle Groth, Author

“Jade Leone Blackwater, glad to see you picking up on a statement from the magazine. Thanks for the Web site link. You may be interested to know that I’ll be at the Pennwriters’ conference in May in Pittsburgh. All the best to Area 6 for the New Year!” – Matt Holliday, Editor, Pennsylvania Magazine

“Thank you again for your guidance on those articles. Left to my own devices, I would have just posted a smart-assy piece, and I didn’t really want to–at Pennwriters, I try to behave. Your brilliant insight gave it depth and intelligence. ” – Ash Krafton, Author

Thanks for the warm welcome. It’s a pleasure to be visiting Area 6!” – Lisa L. Spahr, Author, P.O.W. Letters

How cool! Y’all have your own blog! I’m in area 1–but I’ll see you at the conference next week. 🙂 Congrats!” – Babs Mountjoy, Attorney, Author


Production, Management, Writing and Editing: Jade Blackwater, Pennwriters
Writing and Research: Ash Krafton and Sue Lange, Pennwriters