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In 2006 Jade launched the Brainripples blog as an online home for creative discourse. Her blog promotes and nurtures independent artists with features interviews, reflections on the artistic process, literary reviews, resources and ideas for entrepreneurs, and creative prompts. Jade also uses Brainripples to update readers on her creative projects, and to share occasional poems and short stories.

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Praise for the Brainripples blog

“This was a great interview, and a terrific way to make the acquaintance of Ester and her exceptional work. Thank you!” – Michelle Wood, Tai Chi Instructor, Be Well With Michelle

“This is a well-written, down-to-earth review, for what seems to be a grounding book. I would say clarity of the mind and heart can occur when someone has direct encounters with the natural world. Also a good reminder for me to be outside and away from technology more often, as opposed to sitting at a computer in this day and age. The review is written in such a way as to make me want to read this book.” – Jacob Salzer, Technical Writer

“Hey, Jade, I love what you got out of my story in The Lascaux Review. Thanks for being such a kind and close reader and for mentioning my work to others. I appreciate that.” Raymond Philip Asaph, Author


Interviews by Jade