Between Earth and Sky: Popular Science Book

Let’s talk trees

Queen of Canopy Research Dr. Nalini Nadkarni wanted to share 25+ years of forest research and public outreach with one easy-to-read book. Nalini hired Jade, her former student, to be a sounding board, research assistant, and developmental editor on a five-year book journey. Jade tossed in cheerleading gratis to help Nalini produce Between Earth and Sky: Our Intimate Connections to Trees, which explores the many subtle and extraordinary ways that people rely on trees for the products they yield, the imagery they invoke, and the ecosystems they support.

Hear Nalini talk trees on NPR, TED Talks, and Arboreality – Tree Blogging.

Words from the author

“I thank Jade Leone Blackwater, whose help with research and editing was as valuable as her understanding and passion for this topic.” – Dr. Nalini Nadkarni, Ecologist and Author, The Evergreen State College


Author: Dr. Nalini M. Nadkarni, The Evergreen State College
Publisher: University of California Press
Editing, Research and Permissions Support: Jade Blackwater, Brainripples
Research, Images and Permissions Support: Willy Fenske Towanda and Scott Hollis, The Evergreen State College
Funding and Support: John Simon Guggenheim Foundation fellowship, Helen R. Whiteley Center at the University of Washington, the National Geographic Society Committee on Research and Conservation, and a National Science Foundation Opportunities to Promote Understanding through Synthesis grant