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A peaceful online forest

Since 2005 Jade has published Arboreality – Tree Blogging to promote appreciation for trees and forests in one verdant online refuge. Arboreality features photos of trees and forests from Jade’s homes in Western Washington, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Southern California. She combines carefully selected images with prose and poetry to highlight easily overlooked details such as late winter growth, companion plants, and the intersections of wildlife and urban life.

Wander the Arboreality blog archives (2005-2010) and (2010-present).

Praise for Arboreality – Tree Blogging

“Because of my busy schedule I seldom visit your site. But each time I peek into your blog pages it’s a total revelation to me. It’s an absolute trip. The photos are gorgeous. The infos are educational. Just take a look at your February 22, 2006 postings. They are superb and earthy shots. I just love it. Keep up the good work.” – Gil Rondan, Photographer

“Your blog has such a serene, peaceful quality to it! I love your descriptions of the trees, and your words make what we cannot see so visual! Thank you.” – Barbara, Blogger

“Love your blog! You have a gift for capturing the beauty of trees and plants. It inspires me to dodge the rain drops and get out there with my digicam. Thanks.” – Sylvia, Blogger

“You photographed Honeysuckle! I knew I liked your blog, but now I love it.” – Jesse Milton, Arborist, OneBark Tree Inspections and Consulting

“Wow. I always wish that one day I can have a relationship with trees like this. The beautiful poem reminds me of Tagore. You really write a beautiful poem! Hope to see more like this! 🙂 Thanks for the beautiful post!” – Anonymous, Blogger

“I grew up in southern California and visited Santa Barbara many times, even lived there for six months once . . . seeing your photos is like seeing an old friend. I always loved that tree.” – Joanna Powell Colbert, Artist, Author and Teacher, Gaian Tarot

“That is so beautiful. It makes me think of stretching up, up, up into the light— but all those twists and turns and knobby bits representing all the diversions along the way. I wish I were as thick skinned as that tree.” – Ann, Reader

“you did an awesome job of setting up the shot. The moon is perfectly framed and despite the branches in the foreground, you have made the spectacular moon the focal point of a dazzling picture.” – Karen Syed, reader

“Thank you for your beautiful blog. I love trees and I enjoy visiting your blog and seeing your wonderful pictures.” – Patrick, Reader