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Since 2007 Jade has published AppleJade to share ideas for healthy, happy, sustainable living. AppleJade features recipes, how-tos, book reviews, and personal reflections combined with colorful photos from the home and garden. The resources at AppleJade help people learn to grow and cook healthy food, set and pursue personal goals, and cultivate can-do attitudes. Step-by-step features like “How to make homemade pumpkin pie from a fresh pumpkin” and “Simplify Your Life: Clean Your Home and Lose the Clutter” have attracted visitors for seven years and counting.

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Praise for AppleJade

Thank you for having this website. It has been an inspiration to me and my pumpkin pie from a sugar pumpkin was such a hit (completely eaten in less than 24 hours) a month ago, that I will be making them from this method from here on out! Also, I may try my hand at growing these as you have so beautifully demonstrated in your pictures. Happy Thanksgiving!” – Corinne Williamson, Reader

“awesome! Love the zen cooking. And the wondrous posts and musings. Perfect timing for giving thanks at Thanksgiving. Hope your holidays are grand.” – Bill, reader

“Hi Jade, What a wonderful way to “detoxify” your life. It makes me feel better by just reading this. […] You have motivated me to start de-cluttering today.” – Kathy, Reader