Jade Leone Blackwater – Helping Small Businesses Grow Big Ideas

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Jade Blackwater

Jade Leone Blackwater is a writer, artist, and brand consultant from the Pacific Northwest. She’s the owner of the Brainripples studio, specializing in branding, marketing, and content strategy. Jade helps grow small businesses and startups with distinctive brands, websites, blogs, ads, and social media, plus business and technical requirements that help design and development teams build great products.

Her clients work in software and digital services, business and management consulting, energy management, workforce staffing, community development and affordable housing, retail and food service, public health and education, home and garden, ecology and conservation, publishing, and performing arts.

Jade is also the co-founder of the new Running Wild Press, an indie press specializing in cross-genre stories from emerging authors. She loves to spotlight new authors and be among the first people to read fresh stories. Jade’s writing appears in Wild River Review, Line Zero, The Monongahela Review, as well as technical, trade, and scientific resources for popular audiences. Her favorite projects support healthy people, neighborhoods, and wildlands. When Jade isn’t writing she’s out getting dirty in the garden, or hiking the local forests.

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