Jade Leone Blackwater – Helping Small Businesses Grow Big Ideas

Content Strategy Ninja – Writer, Analyst, Universal Idea Translator – Lover of Dirt and Greenery

Jade BlackwaterJade Leone Blackwater is a content strategy ninja helping small businesses grow big ideas. She has 15+ years of experience showcasing the character of organizations in software and digital services, business and management consulting, energy management, workforce staffing, community development and affordable housing, retail and food service, public health and education, home and garden, ecology and conservation, publishing, and performing arts.

Jade opened the Brainripples writing studio in 2004, after she completed her Bachelor of Arts at The Evergreen State College. Her first gig was to help her professor Dr. Nalini Nadkarni develop the book Between Earth and Sky: Our Intimate Connections to Trees. During this project Jade used her weekends to publish Arboreality – Tree Blogging to promote appreciation for trees, and co-coordinate The Festival of the Trees, a monthly blog carnival for all things arboreal.

The Brainripples portfolio includes branding, content, and marketing for small businesses, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs. Look for her work promoting healthy grocers and family businesses in South Seattle neighborhoods, as well as technical, trade, and scientific resources for popular audiences. Jade’s prose and poetry are published in Wild River Review, Line Zero, The Monongahela Review, and others. When Jade isn’t writing she’s usually out getting dirty in the garden, or hiking the local forests.

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