Clearing the cobwebs at Brainripples

I hope you like the fresh look at Brainripples. I’m still configuring and adding content, so watch for portfolio features, new blog posts, and the return of the missing links (somehow I only see one-third of the original links I had listed at the blog).

More to come!

2 responses to Clearing the cobwebs at Brainripples

  1. Lily

    Hi Jade! The new look? Fresh, easy on the eye — really terrific. I was so happy to hear from you and am thrilled to reconnect. xoxoLily

  2. Jade Blackwater Post Author

    Lily! Thanks for popping in, I was equally thrilled to discover your blog and writing projects are alive and well. I always enjoy reading your posts – there’s usually something in there that keeps me thinking for days.


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