Disabled Vet. Anything Helps. God Bless. Now online at the Lascaux Review 2012 Flash Fiction Contest

As promised, my short story is now online for your reading pleasure. “Disabled Vet. Anything Helps. God Bless.” is submission #12 at the Lascaux Review 2012 Flash Fiction Contest.


Writers, Lascaux Flash is a great opportunity to submit your work, share constructive critiques with fellow creatives, and catch a few new readers in real-time. Oh yeah, and Lascaux Review is paying the winner a buck a word – that’s right, $250 USD for a juicy piece of your flash fiction. Sweet. As of this morning there are 12 days remaining to submit your entry.


If you’re a reader, I similarly encourage you to explore the Lascaux Flash contest pages this September. Each story is no longer than 250 words, which means you can enjoy a few fresh stories on your lunch breaks (see also: The Clarity of Night short fiction contest archives). Of the submissions I’ve read at Lascaux Flash (about 20 of 60 so far), my personal favorite is entry #13, “When Horses Dream” by Bruce Roush. My goals for my next flash fiction piece: half the words, and real laughter.