January “A River of Stones” Poetry Tweets Wrap-Up @JadeBlackwater

Last month I participated in A River of Stones (#aros) writing challenge. I heard about #aros just before the New Year via the venerable Crafty Green Poet, Juliet Wilson.

The #aros project is curated by UK writer/artist Fiona Robyn and her partner Kaspa. Their invitation to writers begged daily tokens of small stones, which they define as “polished moment[s] of paying proper attention.”

I enjoyed this daily meditation not only as a part of my journaling routine, but also for the pleasures of hopping in the stream, splashing around with a few fellow writers, and listening to #aros flow.

UPDATE March 3, 2011: You can now purchase a book of selections from the January 2011 #aros project, in which my contribution “slender moon […]” appears: pay attention: a river of stones.

Below is the tributary of small stones I shared via micropoetry tweets @JadeBlackwater throughout January 2011. Hashtags have been retained to show the texture of the day when each stone was palmed. Line breaks have been restored where ‘ / ‘ was used in the feed.


6:45 AM, Dec 31st


morning star



old moon



6:46 AM, Dec 31st

a shimmering


in the blackness



in silence



6:46 AM, Dec 31st

I shade my




still no




6:46 AM, Dec 31st

but wait!

a tree-line


a sliver

of late flame



8:33 AM, Jan 1st



fan and glow

dusty blue


year dawn blooms



1:22 PM, Jan 1st


the pink



the brown

darting blink



7:48 AM, Jan 2nd

settled cold



steams over



mercurial gems



2:37pm, Jan 2nd

late light

low white

catkins waggle

tides of birds

pluck, repluck



7:48 AM, Jan 3rd


dons the morning



of frosted


too icy

for my





6:32 AM, Jan 4th

burn ban in #kitsap

I pine for my stove

bundled in the dark


3:56 PM, Jan 5th

praise for overcast

skies! greys, sweet eye-balm

slathering quiet



11:43 AM, Jan 6th

flash of black

alighting raven

breaks concentration


10:23 AM, Jan 8th

great blue heron glides

afore the windshield

six fixed eyes follow


5:17 PM, Jan 9th

slender moon


between power lines


8:40 AM, Jan 10th

morning news


rock on sis!


10:40 AM, Jan 10th

hilltop snow

sunrise sleet

rooster crows


6:47 AM, Jan 11th

dreams defrost

crackling and snapping

icy stars



2:46 PM, Jan 12th

iced streets slush

in morning hush grey

ribbons wring across foothills


12:28 PM, Jan 13th

soft forgotten words

practiced syllables

tonguing memory

ichi ni san shi

go back through the draft


7:17 AM, Jan 14th

rain rattle

shake the world awake

drip tempo



1:00 PM, Jan 14th

hemlocks hurl, howl, sway

scrub and brush awash

with windy dewlight

#windstorm #powerout #kitsap


4:56 PM, Jan 17th

“Now rose-pink!” cries the painter

“now mountain cobalt-white!

now scoop away all color

make room for coal-dark night.”



6:02 PM, Jan 17th

beckoning sketchbook

cedar fingertips




8:35 PM, Jan 18th

glowing yawn

chilled shadow

full tremble



7:06 AM, Jan 19th

lunar mischief lingers on

morning breath exhalations

smoke detector reveille




2:42 PM, Jan 25th

red alder

your swelling catkins

in first blush



5:12 AM, Jan 28th

morning wind

chimes a new system

brisk star chants



5:16 AM, Jan28th

roof spine crack

early notebook ink

stray door draft



8:06 AM, Jan 31st

dawn blossom

sweet low hanging fog

rose-colored grasses


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  1. Crafty Green Poet

    What a lovely selection of stones and its so nice to read them all together like this!

    Thanks for the link and the mention and the description as ‘venerable’

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