Waist-High Corn and Basket O’ Zucchini

The garden is one of my primary occupations this month. Here’s a peek – there’s more to share.

Poetry is also on my desk this July. Today I finished my submission (poetry with narrative movement) for The Clarity of Night “Uncovered” Short Fiction contest featuring Stephen Parrish author of THE TAVERNIER STONES. Some time over the next couple days I’ll create an audio recording to share here with text at Brainripples (I’m really liking the audio poetry experiments).

There’s still time for you to write, submit, read, and mingle – hop over and enjoy the first 15 finalists! (Hint: you don’t have to be a finalist to benefit from one of Jason Evans’ interactive short fiction contests.) And as if this all weren’t enough, Jason, JR Tomlinson, and Aine have prepared An Extra Bonus!

UPDATE: You can read my entry Forties Club Finalist #22 here.