Call for Submissions: Festival of the Trees at The Organic Writer Blog

I invite you to take a moment, close your eyes, and consider:

What is your favorite tree?

Maybe you think of a specific tree you know, or perhaps you think of a tree species you love. Maybe you don’t even know what the species of your favorite tree is, but by sweetgum, you know you love it!

This July, our host for The Festival of the Trees 49 is Yvonne Osborne of The Organic Writer blog. Yvonne and I share a love of writing, gardening, and dreaming, (and apparently a healthy synthesis of the three).

For Festival 49, Yvonne invites us to share a glimpse of “our favorite trees, whether from a childhood memory (sad or joyful) or the one growing outside our window, with participants using art in any form to relate their story — haiku, photography, flash story, sculpture, painting, etc.” — however the tree spirits move us.

I’ve never found a FOTT theme to be quite as challenging as this one. How to pick a favorite? Every place I’ve ever lived, studied, worked, or wandered has marked my memory with a tree (or two, or three), or a forest. Apart from my desire to study at a liberal arts college, at least half the reason I chose to attend The Evergreen State College was because the Evergreen campus is so well forested. If you’re one of my long-time readers at Arboreality, you already know that I select my places of residence based as much on cost and convenience as on the abundance of trees in proximity. My earliest, happiest, loneliest, strangest and most familiar memories all blush forest green. Where to begin?

Don’t wait for me to decide: everyone is welcome to participate in The Festival of the Trees. It’s easy to join in the fun:

1) Blog about trees

2) Send us the link

3) Spread the word

4) Enjoy the Festival on the first day of every month

Details for The Festival of the Trees 49:

Host: The Organic Writer
Deadline: June 28
Email to: yvonneosborne08 [at] gmail [dot] com – or use the contact form
Themes: Our favorite trees, shared in any art form.
Important! Put “Festival of the Trees” in the subject line of your email
And remember to enjoy the June Festival of the Trees 48 now online at Wandering Owl Outside.

Still want more? The Festival of the Trees has been published every month since July 2006. Browse the FOTT archives, and enjoy!

Acer palmatum